The Box project (year 1)

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The Box project (year 1)

For my project last year, semester two. I did some research into the stores at Manchester Museum. After visiting the Entomology and Palaeontology department is was inspired and wanted to work on a collection of things found in an English garden 2012. I spent lots of time recording sounds and collecting items from my garden, over a five week period. The thing i was most interested in was the archiving of a place and time and the marks and traces we leave behind as human beings. I was really struck by the way some of the fossils, I think Tit was the Trilobites, actually left traces of their movements which we have in the museum embedded onto and into raw materials. It was mind blowing how much information the palaeontologists could tell us about this life form just by looking at the trails it left behind. Each class member was given a box and left to do what every they wanted with it. I chose to leave my box in my garden and keep a photographic and written diary of the changes that happened over the five weeks, hopefully telling a story of the life and weather conditions that my box was exposed to during this time.


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