Raoul Kramer -The Lost Track

Screen shot 2012-11-30 at 18.11.09

I love this book, it has given me some inspiration for a direction for my work and some possible ideas of how it will all come together.  It is interesting to find a piece of work that uses photography to document something and archive it before what is left is destroyed or lost. I can relate this to my work and research as the bridge is changing all the time in its wild state, however it is also going to be drastically changed if the plans for the hanging gardens are supported and funded over the next however many years. I am beginning to feel quite passionately and sentimental about the bridge in the state it is now and feel it is just as important that this part of its life is documented.

The Lost Track- Installation art
The Lost Track- Installation art

It was also very inspiring to see the photos from this series of work on display in this way. I am fascinated by the way something that is lost and being forgotten has quite obtrusively been put right back in front of peoples faces to make them aware of it and the history that it holds. By looking at this work I am thrown into ideas and plans for some sort of installation art…..


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