A happy coincidence


I discussed in my tutorial on Tuesday about gathering information together and the struggle I have been through finding the official name for the bridge, which obviously had a knock on affect to how much research I could gather together to influence and support my work. However since finding the name and owners of the bridge I seem to have struck some luck and all my phone calls and emails have paid off.  I spent some time last year photographing autistic children for a magazine and it had come to my mind that one of the grandfathers a little girl called Sophie, was a keen photographer and train fanatic. I remember him telling me he was part of a photographic and train society and that he spent time developing old glass plate negatives. As I discussed in my tutorial, I looked for his contacts but seem to have lost them. To my absolute amazement the next morning (Yesterday) as I was late for a photoshop session waiting for my train at Levenshume Station, Eddie appeared on the platform. i went over and talked to him and he said he knows lots about The Castlefield Viaduct and offered to meet and again and show me a collection of documents and photographs that he and his society have. We exchanged details and have sent emails, I plan to meet up with him this weekend.


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