After some deliberation and a lot of creative and practical research in to alternative techniques and processes, I have made the decision not to contact the British Railway Board (Residuary Ltd.) Not yet anyway. I want to contact them when I am a little clearer of my intentions for this photographic project, having a proposal of some sort which outlines exactly what I intend to produce and what kind of access I may need and for how long etc. I am at the point right now where I am gathering lots of information from lots of different sources and trying to figure out what exactly my intensions are.


The Castlefield Viaduct to me is a massive structure which represents a key time in history, to those discussing it on forums online it is both an obtrusive structure which overpowers the Deansgate/Castlefield area and a beautiful piece of history, astonishingly designed and sadly decomposing under the growth of wildlife and weather erode. I am keen to get people looking at the bridge in a way that perhaps they haven’t before. For something so huge, it is also over looked all the time. the metro runs along side it and people pass it everyday on their way in and out of town, probably often unaware of it’s history and current beauty in its wild abandoned state. I feel it is important that the bridge ‘right now’ should also be archived, so people can find information in years to come. I think it is vital that something that is so iconic, a grade 2 listed building, is documented throughout its life and I would love to play a part in this.


My recent trip to the manchester Museum, Herbarium department, inspired me to think about working with botanists and recording the life growing, living and thriving on the bridge as it is ignored and neglected my everyone else.



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