Castlefield Viaduct- from the metro

Castlefield Viaduct- from the metro

I wanted to make a short video documenting the view from the commuters journey. There is something quite interesting about the way the video portrays a ghostly feel as everyone on the tram obliviously travel past the viaduct every day. The view from the tram in between Cornbrook and Castlefield.

A chat with Eddie and a cycle along the old railway

This is a 4min clip from my meeting with Eddie Johnson train writer and photographer. I arranged a second meeting with him over the phone and he collected together any information he had involving the Castlefield Viaduct. I wanted to record some of the information he gave me and there is a lot of information to remember, this way I can listen back and get the relevant information I need to help build my research giving me a more media enriched project. I have supported Eddie and I talking with I short cycle/field trip I went on along the old railway. Looking at the bridges as I went underneath them.


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