The Loco Society.


On Wednesday the 6th February 2013 I met Eddie the photographer and writer at Levenshume train station,I arrived in good time to catch the 9.58am train to Buxton, stopping at Stockport. We took the train together and disembarked at Stockport, where Eddie and the rest of the men that are part of the Loco society meet. Platform 1 upstairs in the old bunk rooms, which would have been occupied by the railway workers/train drivers etc some time ago.

The job these men have committed too, through their collaborative passion for trains, is to archive and categorise old images and documentation involving trains and their history. Eddie often uses the dark room on the second floor (which I am yet to visit) to develop old glass plates that get handed down to them by train enthusiast and collectors. The rooms are used for various things on the second floor. They have meeting room with a projector and a gallery of name plates from trains mounted on the walls, a library, a room with timetables (working timetables) and log books and note books from people who have died. There is also a small room which look like an office, which had filed photographs and the most important thing… the kettle, which they have to full up from the gents loo downstairs. For the duration of the time I was there this room was full and hard to get into to photograph. The men were laughing and joking and catching up on a weeks worth of gossip, whilst eating jam butties and drinking cups of tea.

A room with images from foreign railways and an expert that has travelled around the world on different trains.

The space that The Loco Society occupy has no heating so there are little hot air machines in each one, which keeps it just about warm enough to take your coat off.

According to Eddie Johnson I was the second woman to just enter the society building, which was previously at Grande Central. No woman still to this day has ever been a member of the Loco society. The group of men that I met were all elderly men, mostly retired, some old train drivers and other from a completely different back background of work.


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