Starting my journey….

I found myself very distracted by my own ideas and plans for this project. After meeting a number of ‘experts’ in both botany and trains I have decided to get on track…excuse the pun! i took my film camera to ‘The bridge’ and looked at it from the gates. Longing for something to jump out at me and remind me of the reasons why I began working with this structure in the first place. as I stood taking the same picture over and over agin, capturing the shadows falling on the floor of the bridge, two young men asked if they could squeeze past me. When i asked them what they were doing, they told me they wanted to get on the bridge, that they found it a really peaceful place to hang out and that loads of people go there… Apparently if I  hash tag it and I will find everything I need to know. As I watched these boys disappear into the sun on ‘my bridge’ I felt excited and left behind. I was excited by the idea that other people love the bridge for the same reasons I do, it is a peaceful place. Somewhere so central but deserted at the same time. I also felt a little left out that I was cautiously stood behind the gates and these two lads were enjoying all the things the bridge has to offer on a beautiful sunny tuesday afternoon. So I packed up my stuff and went to explore…..

My journey on the bridge turned into a collection expedition. I brought my tupperware and began to pick up the little things that caught my eye… rusty nail/bolts and washers, burnt out light bulbs, bits of wire, snail shells left behind, spiderwebs and much much more. My response to the bridge is tactile, sensory based and focused on the small things that only I see as I walk from one end to the other. today was the first time I had made the journey from one end to the other and it felt like a triumph. My excitement is back and my reasons are justified.. because it is my journey and my work. I am the expert now!



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