British Railway Board Lmt- Official escorted access on the Bridge

So I received an email granting me access to the bridge. There is some work being done and while the work is being done and the site manager is present they have given me escorted permission on get to work on the bridge. I have decided to continue with my abstract theme, using old cameras and expired film and keep the theme of decay and biodiversity fluid throughout my work flow. I have been heavily influenced by Stephen Gill’s work and his approach and controlled theory behind his very experimental juxtaposed images. Once on the bridge I played around with exposure times and flash, moving the camera and capturing trams and trains moving along side and underneath ‘The Castlefield Viaduct’, however the images I felt most connected and excited by are the images I have made using parts of the bridge (flowers/weeds/glass/plastic) inside one of my old cameras. I felt my images were made much richer and full of depth and texture, history and material, through this intricate experimentation within the camera. The stark contrast between the broken orange plastic, creating a photogram on a image of the bridge one end, binded together by my artistic process.


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