The Castlefield Forum

To my pleasure I was invited to the monthly meeting to discuss my project and the prospect of working with the forum to promote the beauty and history of the viaduct Not only was I excited to talk to a group of people that felt equally as excited about this abandoned bridge but it was a great chance to talk to a group, in a professional context, foreseeing a direction and purpose to my work that is not only a university project. The forum members and two arhitects that attended the meeting were extremely positive and enthusiastic about my project and very keen to have me join the forum and become active in gathering an archive of information together and eventually exhibiting it. There was talk of contacting the Cube gallery and Castlefield gallery in the near future and possibly even working with the Manchester International Festival in 2015. My project has taken on new dimensions and has become something far more extensive than I had first envisaged. It is this meeting and a few conversations I have had recently that have made me change my ideas of producing a book as my final piece for this project. I feel the book would be incomplete at this time as the journey and process is still not complete. My time and money would be far better invested in producing some really fantastic eye catching prints from some of my trips to the bridge and the people I have met though my fascination and investigation into the viaduct using the alternative process I have been teaching myself with help from other professionals (including John Brewer/Paul Kenny).


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