alternative processes

After the buzz of meeting the forum members and gaining escorted access to the bridge I found that I had hit a brick wall. My films were handed in and costing a near fortune to have developed and there was a chance that through my use of expired film and old cameras I would actually end up with nothing to use . Without a clear indication of what I was going to see on the film and which methods work, preventing me from having a foresight into what the end product will be. To try to get to grips of what my my project is going to become as i get closer to the deadline, I decided to re read my proposal. My enthusiasm massively with regaining , discovering that i have actually stayed on track to some extent. With the key themes of alternative/experimental photography working hand in hand with me using the materials or replica materials of the structure to become part of my work. I have always been really excited by the idea of working with different chemicals and applying them to metal to make an image (from my old camera using film) which is layered upon the metal itself, representing the layers of the past, present and future of the viaduct itself. The delicacy and unpredictable nature combined with the density and controlled techniques reflecting the nature of the bridge in the making of the work.

I have been lucky enough to have John Brewer teach me the basics in alternative processes, which has enabled me to experiment with printing onto metal. Once I collected the metal I prepared and cut them allowing me to begin my more hands on process and style of work. The next stage is trying different processes I have learnt and tweeking them to allowIMG_2385 IMG_2343 IMG_2342 IMG_2344 IMG_2345 IMG_2379 IMG_2383 IMG_2356 the image to fix and become visible. As you can imagine this was a very laborious process.


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