alternative processes…continued- An organic process that allows me to have control

After the long hard job of finding the perfect (imperfect) metal, cutting down, angle grinding the hinges and joints off, so the metal will fit inside the frames/units for uv exposure it was time to begin experimenting with different photographic processes onto metal. My first choice while working with John brewer was the Gum bichromate processes as it is the most complicated, hopefully allowing me to pick on on other processes much quicker in the future. The gum process involves making a negative from a digital image at the size you with to print. For this I followed a step by step guide, which i have included in my folder/journal. If printing in colour you ave to make four different negative to break the colours down and expose them seperately to the uv light. A black, red, blue and green. They are then individually applied to the same piece of metal which is coated in a combination of gum, and dychromate and the opposite colour paint. Red-Cyan, Green-Magenta and Blue- Yellow

Each one is exposed for 3.5mins and then the final blck neg and paint is applied to increase the shadows and highlights.

This process is extremely dependent on many factors and my results were very varied. The fist piece of metal was too dark and nothing showed up at all. The second was lighter and the three colours took, however i only used one layer on pva glue as the pigment for the chemicals to stick to and by the yellow application the images started to fade. I am however using this image n my final piece as the result is still quite impressive and  feel its faintness is very reflective of the degrading nature of the bridge and the abstract style of my work and photographs.

I am loving the physical work that i am putting into this way of working and producing prints, the organic process of mixing my own chemicals and having control of light exposure and detail has taught me more about the printing process than any time i have spent in front of the computer n photoshop.

With a new skill and new found confidence in gum printing a packed up a box of equiptment and set of to my garage…. (results to follow.)Image


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