Throughout my project i have wanted to be as hands on and physically connected with my work as possible. It is crucial to me know more than ever that i stay central in the choices i make and how i choose of present my work. So i have decided to do c-type prints using the facilities at stockport college.

I put a week and a half aside and narrowed my images down to 3/5 that would be printed at 20×24 on to fuji colour crystal archive paper. This meant i would be using the dark room and controlling the colour casts. I have tried to be as involved as possible from the start and have loaded my on films developed them and processed them from scratched at no point were any of my images handed over for anyone to work on. This has been a real achievement for me and a definite learning curve.


The process took a long time but i was really excited by how quickly i understood the colour casts and filters- far quicker that anything i eve understood on photoshop. I spent a few day printing smaller images to get to grips with how it all worked and then began to print on to my 20×24 paper for the final prints. I am very pleased with the result and responses I have been getting from passers by as i Have been working.



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