Making the frames

IMG_2532 IMG_2547 IMG_2542 IMG_2527 IMG_2536 IMG_2535 IMG_2533 IMG_2524Inspired by the Victorian uv boxes hat i have been using to expose my metal to uv light as part of the alternative processes. I have decided to present my metal inside my own box frames which i will be making. The aim is to make the fames so they can be used, as i intend to continue working on the processes I have learnt working with John Brewer. I plan to recreate the 19th century themed boxes and present them upon plinths , which i also intend to make. I like the idea of the metal pieces being displayed in this way to enable the art work to become an object or a structure again. The metal representing the bridge in it redundant state. Is it just a form of art now…? similarley to my work.

I made some plans of what i had in mind met Karl in the wood work department of the college and bought everything i needed to make my frames and plinths.Image


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