David Emmit-Adams

I was pleasantly surprised and quite ecstatic to find, via twitter, an artist working on a process very similar to the one I am experimenting with.

Screen shot 2013-09-12 at 18.18.50


David’s work follows the process of using objects and materials, which are relevant to the theme of the work being created ,as the surface to print onto. His latest piece focuses on humans impact on the Arizonian desert, in particular the rubbish which is left behind to rot and pollute the vast landscape. David photographs the landscape and produces tinygraph tintypes, using the wet plate cholodian process, onto tin cans which he finds in the desert. They are all shapes and sizes and rotten and rusty in a variety of shades of orange and brown.


David uses the metal to reinforce the issue of waste and the effect it has on the environment, his use of alternative processes enables the work to be more experimental, allowing the processes to play a very influential role in the work. It is through these 19th century processes that David can be experimental and create something which to me has more depth and more creativity.

I am particularly inspired by the way David Emmit-Adam’s work takes on an installation genre, creating one off pieces of work which are rich with smell and texture.

After researching David’s work I sent him an email asking him about it, this quickly resulted in a plan to visit Arizona and other artists working on similar themes and processes.





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