Planning a visit to Tucson- Arizona.

Once my idea of visiting Tucson became real I decided to talk to John Brewer about contacts over there. He is pretty clued up with most alternative photographers around the world, so I knew if there were artists working on similar processes in Tucson, he would know who and where.

Garrett Allen Is a photographer, he uses a variety of film cameras, but his main work is using large format and printing using wet plate collodian. We sent a few emails back and forth and I have made plans to meet and work with him and his aquiantence Mark. Mark Owen Sawyer is also a photographer, he has taught at the university in tucson for 20years, mainly using film and the dark room, he is now retired and working on film and wet plate processing in his darkroom and studio at his house.

Othere places I plan to visit whilst I am there;

San Xavier Mission

Mount Lemmon

Marks house

Centre of Creative photography

Art Museum/gallery

Etherton gallery- (the gallery that sponsered David’s work)




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