Camera Obscura- Ableardo Morell

Whilst working with Mark Sawyer, I told him all about my viaduct project and how I came to experiment with alternative processes. I also told him about I idea I had while watching The Genius of Photography. I think it was the first or second in the series, and it was the part about the camera obscure that really excited me. I found out that a friend has moved into a flat with a great view of the bridge and as soon as I watched this part of the programme my brain started ticking. I would love to try and create a camera obscure in one of his rooms. Then I could potentially re photograph the upside down image or film it in motion. Anyway as I discussed this idea with Mark he found a great book by the artist Ableardo Morell, who dod just that. A series of images of outside landscapes, printed on the interior walls or various places and re photographed. Both in colour and black and white, they look stunning and date one right back to the beginnings of photography


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