El Mogor

During my time here in Ensenada I have been very fortunate, I am staying with friends of friends out in the Valley on a vin yard called El Mogor. It is very old and has been in the same family since the 50’s. The family came over from Switerland, with all the furniture and built the house from the rock out in the valley. With some of the family now desisted the house sits left as it was, the grandmothers bedroom as it was when she lived in it. He make up and hair brush still placed on the dressing table. Shower curtain hanging and books next to the toilet. Each cupboard is full of a wealthy family history, carefully and thoroughly documented through the eye of a keep photographer. Unknown to me who the photographer is, I am left guessing and intrigued. I feel swayed to the idea that it is he grandfather, as there is a real intimacy about the photographs of the young lady (grandmother). The wardrobe is full of fashionable clothing of someone with taste and a desire to socialise and travel.

The cellar is full locked with a lost key and full of bottle after bottle of the vin yards wine, covered in dust and a trace of history.


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