Transfer technique, Hector’s studio

  • Print in reverse, once you have selected the image and made it to the correct size to fit desired material. Also be aware that the print needs to have enough contrast to show up on the material being used.

  • Print the images on to normal paper using laser.
  • (Gel Mediums- Heavey Gel Matte)- Coat the material (metal/concrete) in the gel so the image will have something to stick to. Try to keep it smooth and even- only a thin layer.
  • Dry in the sunday
  • You can now use Adhesive or Regular gel (gloss)

    -cut image to size and cover in adhesive, be careful not to take the image off with the strokes

  • Roll the paper face down onto the material with a roller and use your fingers to stick it firmly down. You need it to be in contact with the material all over, in order for the image to transfer.
  • Place in the sun and dry.
  • If using Regular gel (gloss) paint it onto the surface/material and then roll the image on.
  • Again leave to dry in the sunday
  • Once the image is dry you will see that the paper is white again, making the image difficult to see.
  • Now you must use a bucket of water and slightly wet fingers. The process is now to slowly rub away all the paper, leaving just the transferred lazer image on the material.
  • Lastly Coat with a matte varnish to protect the image.

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