Using a studio to develop film

Whilst in Mexico I wanted to find a studio or dark room that I could potentially work in. I will be using mostly film for my documentation while I am here, so I will need somewhere where I can develop both black and white and colour, 35mm and 120. I found a photography group out taking pictures in the park and the professor recommended a studio called Todas Santos. Later that day I went to visit and asked if I could organise a day and time to come down and process my negs. They agreed, however they only do Black and white. So in wednesday I went back and used there dark room, with the help of Ruth. With my little Spanish and her very little English we managed to work together and I developed my first film from the Bronica. I was really nervous, but massively relieved to see some images. I had fogged the film slightly, as I had been carrying it around with me for a week, but lesson learnt.  


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