Daguerre to Digital- John Ryland’s library

Daguerre to Digital- John Ryland’s libraryImage

Notes taken from a tour of the library and brief look at the photography collection they have…


Daguerreotypes- Unique objects (no Neg)

Also hazardous process- relating to industrial revolution


Moves onto wet plate onto glass- in a case to relate to daguerreotypes.

Fredrick Scot archer- invented and gave it as a gift.

Idea of not smiling- social conventions of how portraits are made.


Manchester’s significance in the history of photography.


Tin types or ferrotypes


  • Audrey Latemen- for presentational Form???? Victorian photography.

Visual collections- Microscopy- Mosi, JP Dancer?


Rodger Fenton’s  first photographs that put a museum exhibition on.


-living Creature in an archieve- portraits of people


Cotton Millionaire- John Ryland

1890- the library took 10 years to be built by his wife as a memorial for him, putting him on the map, as he was a very modest man.

His wife became very interested in books as objects- collection of spencer books and lord crawfords manuscripts.


Richard Beard- daguerotypes first photographs in the uk with a licence to make.


Fox talbots- pencils of nature 1844- calatype on paper/ paper negs- Book Presentation.


James Mudd-Dunham Massey


Email: stella_halkyard@manchester.ac.uk


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