The Manchester Locomotive Society.

With my decision to continue working with such societies and their members I am keen to meet up with them and establish a relationship and understanding of exploitation. I am very excited by the prospect of photographing the members of the locomotive society, however I am determine to capture a sense of exchange.  One that brings to life the mood and character of these men who are so passionate about the subject they are sharing. Their roles within the society are clear and they are extremely devoted to what they do. It is all-voluntary, which takes place every wed, however for many of the retired members this is also their hobby full time.

On this particular visit I spent some time talking to individual members to gain a more all round understanding of the motives behind their love for trains and a little about their background. I am always one over by the charm of the members and the great detail of information each of them retain about particular areas, parts of years in train history.

I also spoke to Eddie about the idea of using some of the olds glass plate negs of steam trains and bringing them to a  new life. Eddie said he would be happy for me to use some of his collection, I have also asked him to ask the other members if they would n=be happy for me to photograph them during my next visit.


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