Meeting with John Brewer

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2014-01-10 14.05.19

I recently visited John at his studio, to discuss my Final Major project. I told John about where the project is currently and where  and what I hope to achieve by the end of April. We discussed our personal experiences during visits for various reasons at the stores of the Bradford Media Museum and how I want to incorporate my experience into the materiality of my work. John has been very kind and offered me time and studio space, including chemical use, in exchange for some intern work from me.


I have decided to begin experimenting with the idea of printing my train enthusiast portraits onto mirrored metal, to get a daguerreotype affect in a small scale, perhaps to fit it to a pendant or small framed box or container (sticking with the idea of archiving the archivists). This piece will run along side the participatory work with the Inside Out Project, which will physically, on a large scale, present the portraits wearing and tearing with the erosion of time and weather that constantly confronts the Castlefield Viaduct, the canvas for these portrait posters.

2014-01-10 14.05.22

The next stages are.. print the black and white portraits, once some editing has been done. They must be black and white as the process I plan to experiment with is wet plate which is only b&w, unless i want to hand tint the images afterwards. I will then, to create small scale prints, use a 35mm SLR as my wet plate camera, and rephotograph my portraits. I like the idea of contemporary and old processes combined to create a new aesthetic, enabling a concept to be portrayed practically as well as theoretically. This process is also a wonderful one to learn and experiment with, as it is very accessible and affordable. Giving me a tool i can continue to use and experiment with anywhere in the world.


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