Thinking big and thinking small- Yamamoto Masao



I came across Yamamoto’s work whilst visiting the Etherton Gallery in Arizona last summer. I went in search of David Emitt Adams’s Conversations with History, a piece of work and artist i have been very inspired byI was informed by Terry Etherton that Yamamoto was due to come in for his show the following week. Sadly just after I was due to leave America. Terry was kind enough to show me of some of his work, which was carefully and purposely placed in small boxes in jumbled, but organised bundles. His photographs take on form as objects themselves that have been painted or toned, torn or carried around by Yamamoto himself, giving each individual image a past and a potential present as something other than a 2 dimensional print. I am and continue to be inspired by this concept and will undoubtably be influenced by his presentational form.



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