Asking permission and getting support.

After a long and anticipated time I decided enough was enough. My project was not going to move forward in anyway if I didn’t bite the bullet and ask the big question. but before I would do it, I though gaining some support and putting together a package would be useful. 

I got support and a signed letter from my university, contacted local galleries and museums, forums and networks. I then put a letter together, outlining exactly what i would like to do and when and attached the support letter, plans, proposals, examples of portraits, and some links to useful sights. Unfortunately I didn’t get very much support from local galleries or forums which I have had the support of in the past. However I feel my information is honest informative and hopefully something that the owners of the viaduct will support.

All I could do at this point was wait. As you know, due to my early update, i have gained permission and am currently putting together a plan, date and team of people to begin the process of pasting them.




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