Forget Me not- Geoffrey Batchen

This book has been hugely influential to my work. As I researched for my journal/dissertation I found myself going back to this book again and again. I also used this as my inspiration to visit the Bradford Media Museum Collection, using some of the items discussed in the book as my starting point.  Geoffrey Batchen talks about the objects which contain photographs as…

“Photographs, especially instantaneous photographs, are very instructive, because we know that they are in certain respects exactly like the objects they represent. But this resemblance is due to the photographs having been produced under such circumstances that they were physically forced to correspond point by point to nature.‎”

Geoffrey Batchen (2006). Forget Me Not. new York: Princeton Architectural Press. 75.


Makers unknown (United States), Blonde and brunette hair arranged in a brooch, c. 1850, human hair, in an elliptical metal brooch, with a daguerreotype portrait of a man set in verso, 3.6 x 2.8 cm






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