I spent a lot of time last year persistently attending talks and exhibitions, sending emails and making contacts. I have begun to establish a network of artists that work using similar techniques and some very different to those I am predominately interested in. I felt I had possibly enjoyed my time and that I was now on my own. However I soon realised that was my confidence and that I just need to meet up and re contact some of these people.



I attended John Brewers exhibition Cabinets of Curiosities towards the end of last year and was pleasantly surprised to see my old college tutor John Kiely. it turned out to be a great opportunity to talk about my work and ideas, which resulted in John offering me space in his studio to work on my final major project.

After a few meetings and conversations about my project and where I plan to go with it, John offered me an internship, n exchange for time in his studio and some introductory tuition. I accepted and have begun working with him in his studio in Ancoats. 





My first jobs involved working out the f stops of old victorian lens, I had to take them apart manually measure the focal length and aperture and then dived them by each other. I really enjoyed understanding the function of each part of the lenses, taking them apart and putting them back together again. This way of learning is far more beneficial for me, doing a job over and over again until it sticks. Next up assisting a wet plate weekend course…


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