Archiving the archivists

IMG_6134 IMG_6136 IMG_6137IMG_6113 IMG_6110



















I have been working away in the studio placing my portraits of the members of the MLS on a wall, lighting them, cutting my metal to size, coating it, cleaning it, soaking it. Then loading it into the 35mm camera i am using, exposing it for 10 seconds, using a shutter release and tripod (under controlled light). Unloading in the dark, developing it and then washing and fixing it. I then have to dry each print for some time, varnish and then store. As i continue to work through this elaborate and quite laborious process I find myself a little frustrated with my results and questions what t is I want to end up with at the end of this experimentation… it feels to me that perhaps it is the process and the narrative involved in this process that is vital. I am now putting these men through this archival process, which they are so fascinated with. I am beginning to think about moving image as an option to present this.



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