Bill Murphy- The surface of the image

IMG_1133 IMG_1107

My work explores images as three-dimensional objects; created using the idea of concept led processing. The process

opens the work up to a wider audience, encouraging one to feel a familiarity and desire to interact with the surface of the photographic image. I explore this through reflection, texture, touch, and smell and through the final presentation of my work. A particular piece I worked on over the summer was a portrait of an 87-year-old American man, who called himself Bill Murphy. I chose to present the fragmented description of his own life, told to me, onto a glass porthole placed inside a light and reflected back towards his face and to the viewer. By using a mirror propped underneath it one physically engaged within the gallery in a way I can relate to
looking at a daguerreotype, moving from side to side, allowing the light to flirt with ones eye, occasionally bringing the viewer onto the surface of the image as a double exposure. Beautifully written by Oliver Wendell Holmes as “the mirror with a memory ”. Surface alludes to reflection through this 19th century process; similarly to the way this portrait of Bill Murray entices the touch, I later discover a young girls hand mark across the reflective glass; the first trace of interaction.



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