London- The Photographers Gallery

IMG_6985 IMG_6987 IMG_6988 IMG_6989 IMG_6993 IMG_6994 IMG_6995Whilst in London I visited the Photographers Gallery near Oxford circus. Although it is quite a small space, a number of exhibitions that caught my eye. William Burroughs, David Lynch and Andy Warhol.














I wanted to look at the way these famous artists have framed and presented their work, the positioning of the images the number of images etc.



Taking Shots:

I am at a stage with my work where this kind of research is really crucial and everything experience is useful in some way. I was particularly impressed with the William Burroughs Taking Shots show, curated by Patricia Allmer.The work on display has been carefully selected, to present us with Burroughs style and individuality when it came to photography. Some of the work was not discovered until recently resulting in it not being archived well, leaving some slightly torn and worn or even curling within the frames. The presentation depicts a raw insight into the photographing documentation of street life still life and collage that William engaged in.


Camera Obscura:

On the third flood a camera obscurer had been installed. The audience were able to view the lens and mirrors and manoeuvre them to create projections onto a screen. I have always loved the sensation of being inside a camera and physically understanding and seeing how the mechanics of a camera work. I spent some time talking to other member of the public and one lady went away saying she was going to have a go at making one. It was a reminder for me that showing people the mechanics and engaging them in the process, helps to develop a more interactive and engaging response to art.

The Factory Photographs:

David Lynch also had a selection of his black and white photographs, taken using a medium format camera. They are predominately of industrial architecture and depict a dark abstract view of factories, linking this work to his iconic films. I wasn’t overly impressed with the selection of work however there were a few images that really stood out. Again i was particularly looking at the layout and presentation of the work.

It was during this visit that I began to think about making rows or lines of all my small wet plate portraits, including the ones that are working progress. I am thinking about presenting all of them as part of presenting the process, not just the finished product. The whole concept behind using these processes is the laborious interactive nature that creates a three dimensional object as a pose to a digital print straight off a camera. I have also been thinking about something Dave Penny said about using the space of the gallery and adapting to it. Thinking about the light switches and windows and using them to present the work in a particular way.


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