Bronia Stewart – working with other people



We were privileged to have another successful artist/photographer come to stockport and talk to us about her work and career, I wasn’t quite sure how I could relate to Bronia’s work but found itextremely insightful and inspiring. Her work takes on a documentary style, one which I continue to be interested in, so it was very interesting hearing how that work can be commissioned in the big wide world, which I am soon to be exposed to. Bronia talked extensively on her role as a photographic commissioner and what kind of artists and skills she looks for when searching for somebody to work on a project.


Notes from the talk:

There are plus and minuses to working with and for people, you can often be let down, you at=re asking favours and sometimes those favours run out. it helps to have incentives for the people you are photographing. Often offering them prints for there own personal use or perhaps helping to promote them, depending on the individual.


First work was a 

-Sex Pistols tribute band- documenting behind the scenes.

-Polish family project, using film and square format.

-Babe station- this has been her most successful work, showing again the relationships back stage.Relaxed attitude to sex- a culture that is desensitised to the glamour industry. 

Negative- Bronia Stewart found that the press wanted to force a viewpoint that wasn’t what her intention behind the work was. 

Positive- Fresh face and wild eyed competition, Bronia entered this and was accepted.

She talks about having a mentor and how useful this is to the development of her work. Be careful not to be too influenced by others, but have people of all types and backgrounds looking at your work. 

-Mexico Project 9using a fixer), a person to translate and integrate you into the era you want to work in. Bronia was looking for a all girl gang she had seen on You Tube in Mexico and wanted to go there to find them and document their lives. Obviously many problems occurred due to safety and gangs. Her work took on a different direction due to all sorts of issues. The point here is to keep going be persistant but safe.

A theme throughout Bronia’s work is Aspiration, mostly of Women.

She recommends not always barging in and presenting models with a release form, it is best sometimes to get to know the people you are working with before asking so much from them. It is also beneficial to spend time with the person or people without a camera. The relationships develop as a result of a true and honest relationship, developed over time. This is evident in her work. 


Editorial – agents and producers

and Commercial– a treatment is required, camera angle examples, colour pallet and a brief, then a professional is chosen and commissioned for the job/project.

A Pitch to a commissioning company (like Nowness)- printed portfolio is really beneficial, tayloring to the magazine or editor.

Legal Requirements:

Rights Managed- get an exclusivity period. You get paid by the magazine and then after the exclusivity period you have all rights to the images, they are yours.


Royalty Free- You get commissioned to take the image and not the right to the image/s. They have the right to sell it.

Both are beneficial to artists. 

New trend in editorial (content of..) -Mr porter- shopping website for men. The Journal is their magazine.


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