Pasting approaching… what do I need to do?

Screenshot 2014-03-12 18.03.09With the pasting day approaching (Saturday 22nd March) I am thinking about all the things that need buying, making, collecting and organising.

I have the 15 portraits and some friends (who I will be writing and confirming with this week)

I need to talk to the owners of one of the narrow boat owners to see if they will help me get across the water to paste a few posters.

I also want to draw a small plan and number the accessible legs, there is one you can just about see from the tram and trains above. (would be good to post on those)

I need to buy/borrow-

Pasting material (i will do a practice paste on tuesday 18th march)

Fold down table


Brushes/ a long brush

I have been contemplating using or hiring a cherry picker, but i am hoping this will not be necessary., due to cost issues.

I will also ensure I have the printed permission letters incase I am stopped on the day.


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