Wet Plate Collodion Photo Portrait Event.

I have been preparing and organising this event for some time. I was lucky enough to have the support of the artist I am working with as an intern and his partner Kate. They have offered to run a fund-raising event, where all profits go to our show in June. They have kindly given up their time and equipment and are going to take and produce portraits for the public, in a disused shop, which I have been given permission to use. The poster are finished and are currently being spread all over the internet and Manchester. I have been sticking them up in shop windows and talking to the local owners. There are other stalls and market events taking place that day too, so I am hopeful it will be a successful day. Chorlton is a very arty and creative area and so far the posts on social media sits have been getting a lot of attention. I have also arranged for their to be a bake sale outside (if the weather is nice) where we will be selling cakes and tea and coffee. I hope to make a little seating area, so we have a community atmosphere, where the public can watch and jin in the activity.


I have been making a window display to get people interested…



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