Wet Plate fundraising event

As part of the fundraising for our exhibition, I organised an event. I was able to get access to a shop on Chorlton high road, where myself John brewer and Kate set up a studio/shop and dark room.

The event needed a massive amount of promotion both online and posters, flyers etc. I made a Facebook event page which had a great response and joined all the local arts and Chorlton pages and websites, then sending them invites and updates. I also made it very active on twitter and Instagram, to ensure we were attracting as many people as possible. this really paid off, even though it was quite a time consuming process.

The event also needed lots of preparation, in terms of materials, chemicals, set design, props etc. I spent a week prior to the event helping and assisting John with this. driving and setting up things as I felt they needed to be.

On the day some of the students prepared cakes and we set up a cake stall out the front to attract people in. This worked very well and both things made the event a better and more catered for experience.

I was the main host on the day, ensuring that the customers were attended too and that it was explained to them what was happening and who and what we were raising money for. It was also hugely important to look after John and Kate as they were is high demand and needed breaks and informing of what needed doing when and who was next up. They also needed my assistance in the darkroom and on the cameras.

To my knowledge everyone was extremely happy with the experience and atmosphere on the day. We had Nikita on her camera documenting on Saturday, Anita, Jen and Martin using social media throughout saturday and a sunday and keeping eveybody happy and entertained. We opened up a second day due to high demand on saturday. Olga was amazing on the cake stand and talked to everyone that passed the shop. Edwina, Victoria and Naomi came and showed their support and baked and brought equipment for the stall on Saturday. We even had the curator of the Whitworth Art gallery in to have her portrait taken and a member of the local radio. 

I am already planning the next event, with the hope to do something permanent in this venue. The manager was extremely proud of our success and John said it was the most fun and successful fundraisingever he had done.



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