Final stages…

IMG_7413Screenshot 2014-04-29 10.34.14





I have been making the final amendments to my film and my wet plates, which will hang in three rows of four next to the monitor, which will play the film, with a set of head phones. the last touches to the film have been colour correction, ensuring that each scene has a nice balance and tonal range. I have upped the contrast where necessary and used the hue and saturation to bring elements out.


As for the wet plates, I have limited my selection from 15 portraits to 12. Each of them is backed with a deep green Dainel, a  faux suede material used for book binding. I purchased this at Rachfords Stockport. I have then framed the plates in victorian dark slides/ plate holders that are used to protect the unexposed plates from the light, when they have been prepared in colldoion and silver, before loading them in the camera. I have presented my work in a similar way before, bring part of the process back to the foreground of the presentation. As this piece of work is concept led, it has been beneficial to the end presentation to work in this way. I feel the slide holders also give the work the authentic aesthetic which I am aiming for due to the nature of the work and the final objects I have created. I am choosing to leaving the covers on but open, to present the viewer with a sense of archiving, a subject vital to the the project.


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