Statement writing…

Notes and advice from the lecture…

*Write in a language that everyone can understand.

Examples Anna Fox, Marjoline Riley.

Why do I make the work i make?

What inspires me to make it?

What does it signify or represent?

What is unique or special about what you make?

What does my work mean to me? (in brief)

Remember: -a statement is a hook to entice the viewer

-give too little not too much

-don’t overload the readers with details

– address and answer commonly asked questions?

-the state is about broadening your audience.

– personalise it!

Also… – try to dictate to the viewer

– connect with your art 

-avoid obscure references to music, art, literature. Explain it to embrace the audience. 

-dont instruit people on how to see, feel, behave, respond or relate to your work.


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