A busy first week

Screenshot 2015-01-12 17.54.18If I knew how busy I would be from Tuesday to Friday last week, I wouldn’t have bothered organising drop in sessions.  That said I am extremely glad I did as we had around 17 people come in a participate o the Saturday alone. The days building up to it were steadily busy, while Alison regulars pooped in for tea and a catch up I grabbed them and got them to sit for the 30 second tin types I was now all set up for next door in the studio.

I began practicing using my equipment and new set up at The Shed, by talking John, a man I met on the street whilst opening up, to come and participate. Screenshot 2015-01-19 19.29.54(2)He was very willing and only took a little persuading. I was very moved by his stories and his struggle to cycle all the way to Hexham once a fortnight in the freezing weather to sign on. He has made a water proof coat out of the liner of an old sleeping bag, John said “I’m sick of looking like a tramp”. His patients were really appreciated while I experimented with lighting and cameras, John has been back most days to say hello.IMG_0076


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