More participants and more plates…

Screenshot 2015-01-19 22.29.38

Screenshot 2015-01-19 22.29.18

As word of mouth spreads I seem to be kept busy enough to almost not feel the cold. Actually that isn’t true, It’s freezing!! lots more portraits from the willing locals, and…..incomers. Apparently even if you’ve lived in Haltwhistle for more than 20 years you still don’t qualify as a local.

I am also very grateful to have the help of Rob Halliburton on the shoots. Here is my portrait of him….


Other contributors are Wendy a painter that comes to The Whistle Art Stop on Thursdays to paint with friends. Jimmy a local walker and Harold another friendly local that regularly pops in to see Alison and help fix her bike. 
Screenshot 2015-01-19 22.31.13
Screenshot 2015-01-19 22.30.23Screenshot 2015-01-19 22.30.09


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