Settling in to Haltwhistle and The Shed

Screenshot 2015-01-19 17.15.46

Screenshot 2015-01-19 17.15.46(3)

Screenshot 2015-01-19 17.15.46(2)

I arrived on Friday the 9th Jan to the town of Haltwhistle. After settling in to my new home, an idyllic cottage on a little farm in Melkridge, 2 miles out of Haltwhistle, I was recommended a trip to the Saturday coffee morning at the church. Lucky for me it was the busiest place in town & only £1.50 for all the tea, coffee and cake you wanted. I met a few very nice friendly people, who made the ‘outside’ welcome. Next stop to the gallery shop next door to set out some of my work and equipment to any visitors what i do and talk about my plans.

It was a very busy morning, Alison had her usual group of boys in for the saturday session. They were learning about photographys’ history and development. i was able to show them examples of early plates and cameras and engage the boys in the idea of making images that are unique and individual unlike todays digital image. They were extremely responsive and pleasantly surprisingly aware of film and the darkroom- due to their parents interest in photography.

I also had the chance to meet quite a few members of the public with a keen interest in photography and similar traditional crafts. Valerie Levitt Monaghan is a

Screenshot 2015-01-19 17.15.46(4)

local bookbinder and restorer and very kindly spent some time showing me her shop and discussing ideas and possible ways of incasing my victorian tintype images and making the presentable. I showed her an example of my favourite art deco frame which I hope to try and replicate.
I also met Rob Hallibuton a super talented experimental photographer who has offered to assist me during the open workshops with the public. This is great as he has experience working with large format cameras and in the dark room. I hope in return I can show him the process and give hime a chance to have ago himself.


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