Making a movie on the high street.

The next stage of the project is to try photographing the shop fronts and owners along the high street of Haltwhistle. The community have been very supportive and interested in the work I do and the style of photography I use, so when I asked if they would mind posing for these photos they were pleased to get involved.


The plan was to bring the camera along with two assistants, one film maker and one camera man down the road, set up the images and then for me to run back to The Shed- where the dark room is. I would then sensitise the plates, load up the dark slide, run back to where the camera is set up, take the images (5second exposure) and then run back to the dark room and develop the plate. Obviously there were a few issues with traffic, passers by and customers but with a little persistence and kindness, I was able to successfully get 6-8 images of the locals and their shops. I have also starting making a short movie documenting the process on the day…



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